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Whether youre dealing with unwanted animals or even a roach infestation, the presence of pests can have serious consequences for your wellbeing. Its best to eliminate them as speedily as you can in order to minimize the damage caused and prevent the infestation from worsening. Smith Termite & Pest Control is the very best exterminator in the Raleigh area.

Even better Termite & Pest Control is a close-knit, family-owned business dedicated to protecting our clients' homes and possessions from insects and the damage they cause since 1968. More than that, but the attention of Better Termite is devoted to making our company the best it can be in terms of satisfying the needs of their friends and neighbors.



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We are flexible and responsive to your pest control needs. .

Termite Control requires ability and experience.  There are lots of options that can help but the most important thing to keep in mind is that each property is different, so your solution needs to be tailored to suit your property.

Most Australian properties require some form of termite control and management.  Not many regions of Australia are void of termites.  This means that in the minimum, every property ought to have a annual termite inspection or more expansive timber pest inspection.

To keep it simple, the basic options that can be used to provide for detection and control of termites include:



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Elimination of active termites in the house.  This can be done by different means including dusts, chemicals or baiting systems.



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Keeping termites away from your house.  This can be done by using physical barrier systems, compound handled zones or monitoring and baiting systems

A huge part of effective control is to maintain checks on environmental conditions and changes to the structure that could encourage termite attack in the long run.  That is why ongoing maintenance and inspections are so important.



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That is why you need to build a partnership with a qualified wood pest technician as part of land protection plan.

You insure your property against fire, flood and other disasters, but no insurance will provide cover for irreparable harm.  Your best possible option is to work together with us in helping to make sure you're doing your very best to secure your property from future termite and timber pest attack.



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Has fully qualified timber pest technicians (in certain States you need an additional licence to perform this job )

In Amalgamated Pest Control, we have looked after Australian click for more info Properties for over 80 years - and still going strong.

We offer reliable and safe pest control solutions to homes and businesses across Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria. Our team of highly trained and fully licensed professionals possess the skills required to restore your pest issues for good.We offer affordable pest control. Our efficient, reasonably priced yet high quality pest control companies cover both commercial and residential properties.

Our services and response times are quick, allowing us to efficiently treat your pest concern fast, giving you peace of mind your property is pest free.Unlike many neighborhood pest elimination companies, we cover a wide range of pest control solutions, including inspections, treatments and prevention. Specializing in termite control, our termite services include inspections, proofing for new houses, treatment of established homes and even pre-purchase wood pest inspections.With over 40 years operating in the industry, we know bugs! As one of the most reliable pest inspection companies in the city, we've got the experience and knowledge you need to finish the job quickly and maintain a pest-free zone for your home or business.We maintenance! If youre plagued with cockroaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, wasps, rodents, silverfish, fleas, insects or termites and are looking for a long-term solution, call and inquire how we can help you to eliminate the issue.



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Which system should you chooseIn addition to the termite species present in the area, there are a number of variables a pest professional should description consider to determine whether termite baiting or liquid compound barrier soil treatments would be the best option for your house:Construction typeConstruction flawsSoil typeSlope of blockClimate conditionsPersonal preferenceConstruction kind Pest24seven Termite & Pest Control Adelaide Most new houses on the Gold Coast are constructed on concrete slabs.

However, if you can find construction defects or the home is of different construction type (on piers, split level or a sloping block) termite monitoring and baiting may be a better option.Construction flawsIt is surprisingly common for homes to have construction defects (even new houses!) That mean that a continuous treated zone cannot be made with a soil-applied termiticide.

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As such even when a complete treatment is carried out around the outside of the home, the construction flaw is left unprotected its amazing how great termites are at finding holes in your termite defense!Homes with construction flaws are better shielded by baiting systems or, sometimes, using a liquid soil treatment and termite baiting system in combination.Homes surrounded by concrete and pavers also present application problems.

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To feed them just place in the wet lure and replace the lid. If your monitor would be to move over an expansion joint or against the place you know termites have come from, look closely and you will see their sand mix in the joint where they have resealed. If you cant find such a spot, termites will probably come looking again in the event that you offer them a bit more enticement.

See the uneven surface of the window frame. Termites have eaten it out, in some areas leaving only the paint.

DO NOT waste bait by adding it into timbers that do not contain live termites. The colony is killed only if workers take enough of the bait back to the nest. And they will only take it whenever they can harvest it, undisturbed, from inside the ruined timber you have found. .



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Should you find termites in timbers such as the window/door frames, skirting boards inside, or in studs, posts, roof and foundation timbers of any structure, you need to create a small hole into the wood, really see live termites then add a light-proof cache of the lure covering the gap in the timber.

See the uneven surface of the window frame. Termites had eaten out it, in certain regions leaving only the paint.

Make an opening into the termites using a pointed knife or fine screwdriver. The hole should be no larger than about 5mm diameter to begin with. (It should be enlarged only when it's time to bring the cache of lure ). You can pry into the surface of the timber where it feels spongy, thin or hollow.



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It is only as a last resort you should make an effort to open a tunnel on a timber or foundation surface. .

Once you've broken into into where it is hollow, wait for a minute or so. If termites are there, the soldiers normally come to safeguard the opening while employees repair it. You may see their antennae and their heads blocking the hole. If no live pollutants appear, leave the gap open and come back later or check next day.



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This shows how termites will come out from the infested timber into a foil covered mass of lure taped into the surface. Alternatively, if the surface is flat, the feeder might be repaired within the pit and the termites will enter it to harvest the bait.

If the wood has a flat surface, make the hole away from corners so you can line it up with the hole in the bottom of the feeder. If the access hole into the termites is on a round post or another situation where you cannot fix the feeder to it, you can earn a pouch of aluminium foil and duct tape to hold the bait in place.



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If you are using the foil method, carefully pull the edge of the sticky tape to inspect and to replenish the bait. If you are using the feeder method, it is not as disturbing if you can add more lure to the original feeder.

The termites you will see as dark brown nests go to these guys high up in a tree are rarely pests of significance. But the main subterranean termites that do that 99 percent of the $damage we mentioned earlier, will often nest inside the central pipe or even hollowed out heart of a tree. Mastos, the giant northern termite, dont always wait for the decay of this pipe.

(See the special box on Mastos).



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If at colonising flight time a couple find their way into a hollow tree through possibly a dead/broken-off branch or in via a scar from fire in the bottom , they could not possibly have better conditions. Requires plenty to eat, moisture and protection. A 50 metre traveling to your residence would not be out of the question. .

In case you have a large eucalypt, peppercorn or a mature fruit tree nearby, you ought to check it. Utilize an 15-20mm auger little long enough to drill into the centre of the trunk at about shoulder height. Drill at a slight downward angle and when you are feeling less resistance it will be because you have reached the pipe.

If not, you can slip in a long thin grass leaf into the drill hole, leave it there for a minute and draw it gradually. Termites might be found holding on, attacking it. If no live termites are found, return in half an hour or even next morning; if there is termite lifetime inside, they'll be repairing or have mended the opening using their mud mixture.

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